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Havens East

Oakley Park and Rollesby Activities


Think of all the things that you would need to be available in a refugee camp to keep you safe and comfortable and happy.

  • Make a list. What could you do to make sure you don’t forget ‘home’?


The North Stoneham Camp was a refugee camp – a place where people who have escaped their own country can live, usually in basic conditions. Refugees usually only expect to stay in a camp for a limited time. The Basque children stayed there longer than expected, but only for a matter of weeks or months. Today, according to the UNHCR there are millions of people living in refugee camps around the world. Rather than being temporary, some of these camps have been there for years and have grown to become their own communities with businesses, schools, and services.

Discover what it’s like to live in Camp Domiz in Iraq by visiting Refugee Republic. This amazing website is an interactive documentary that allows you to explore the camp.

  • Scroll through hand-drawn maps, drawings, photographs, and short video impressions. You will discover that there is another world behind the images you see in the media. That world is not all that different from yours and mine. 


  • Draw a plan of a refugee camp. Remember places to sleep, eat, play, wash – all the things you thought you would need in ‘Imagine’.