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Basque Refugee Children: Online resources & UK archives

BCA’ 37 UK: The Association for the UK Basque Children:

University of Southampton, Special Collections:

University of Warwick, Modern Records Centre

This digital collection: includes some of the Basque Children’s Committee archive, and many other documents about the Spanish Civil War, including a large number of files from the Trades Union Congress.

Marx Memorial Library

This online exhibition showcases items from the library’s Special Collection documenting the Basque Children’s journey to Great Britain, their experiences and the support they received from the British people, with a unique scrapbook on the ‘colony’ in Worthing as its centre piece.

Havens East Further Resources

General histories 

  • Bell, A., Only for three months: the Basque refugee children in exile (2nd edn., 2007).
  • Legarreta, D., The Guernica generation: Basque refugee children of the Spanish Civil War (1984)



  • Benjamin, N., Recuerdos: Basque children refugees in Great Britain (2007).
  • Pozo-Gutiérrez, A. and Broomfield, P. ‘Here, look after him’ voices of Basque evacuee children of the Spanish Civil War (2012).

‘Aid Spain’ and the British response to the Spanish Civil War

  • Buchanan, T., Britain and the Spanish Civil War (1997). See also: Buchanan, T., ‘Britain’s popular front? Aid Spain and the British labour movement’, History Workshop Journal, 31 (March, 1991), pp. 60-72.
  • Fyrth, J., The signal was Spain: the Aid Spain movement in Britain 1936-39 (1986).


  • For advice on researching Basque children, especially individual colonies: Benjamin, N., ‘Researching the Basque Children’, paper presented on 21 April 2012 at a Day School at Rewley House, Oxford on the Basque Children Refugees. Available at: https://www.basquechildren.org/-/docs/articles/gen007
  • To find out where the boys who stayed at Oakley Park and Rollesby went next: Gulland, D,. ‘Basque and Jewish refugees at Tythrop House, Kingsey, 1937 to 1940’, Records of Buckinghamshire, 54, 2014, pp. 179-200. Available at: https://www.basquechildren.org/-/docs/articles/col043
  • For the different ways in which the history of the Basque children has – and hasn’t – been told: Packard, E., ‘The many histories of the Basque refugee children in Britain’, Childhood Remixed, May 2018, pp.8-22. Available at: https://www.basquechildren.org/-/docs/articles/childhoodremixed