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What might it be like if you had to leave your home right now? No planning, very little time and just on foot with a small bag. When this happens, as it has many times in history and still happens today sadly, refugees, like the Basque children in1937 have to choose a few belongings to take with them for the journey and for their new home.

  • What would you pack? You could make a list or draw a suitcase and its contents. What would you need to help you to remember home, keep yourself safe and warm or entertained?
  • Now try and imagine what your family might pack for you. Is it very different from your own choices?


If you explore all the story pages of this website there are so many places named. Places where the children were from, where they travelled to and where they settled.

  • Use maps, atlases and maybe even google earth to find as many places as you can.


All over the world you can find different musical traditions and sounds and songs to explore. What music do you think you would choose to welcome someone to your part of the world?

  • Compile a playlist of songs that you would like to play to a new friend. You could choose songs you know, pop songs, piece of classical music. Anything that means something to you that you can talk about and share.