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Havens East

The Cambridge Hostels Activities


29 children came to the hostel in Cambridge – that’s a whole class. Imagine you are on an open-ended residential trip with your class.

  • Write the itinerary, the food menu, the plans!


The children had to leave the Pampisford Vicarage for a new place on Station Road, Cambridge. You will know why if you read Maria Luisa’s story!

  • Can you find out how far it is from Pampisford to Station Road, Cambridge?
  • Fold a piece of paper in half and draw what you think the main differences would be from country vicarage to town hostel. Where would you rather be?


The children in the hostels did concerts to raise money and to have fun. Many places in the world have quite specific dance and music styles so the Basque children would have been bringing their own special traditions to Cambridge.  You can explore a little more if you look at these pages on Wikipedia. Lots of detail here is you are really interested.

  • Listen to some Basque music and plan a concert programme – it could include music, dance, drama and poetry. There are many examples and one of the most famous songs is called Boga Boga. You can hear it being sung by some children on the Who was No.162 story.