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Refuge in Cambridge –
and in football Activities


Think of your favourite game – netball, hopscotch, or even Quidditch!

  • Imagine how you might explain the rules to someone who does not share your language. How could you make this game work? You could practise by trying to explain how to make a sandwich to one of your family without using any words.


Look at the photos of the Gallego brothers in their football kit.

  • Can you find out how boots, shorts and shirts have changed since the 1940s? What new modern materials are available and are there any new rules that footballers have to follow?


  • Make a football trading card of Jose Gallego and/or Antonio Gallego. Include their position, the clubs they played for and any other information you can find that you think is relevant.

Use the photos to help you draw the players and take a look at these examples for inspiration as to the layout and contents of your card/s.

We would love to see your creations and share them with the Gallego family. Take a photo of your work and send it to