Read Maria Luisa’s story:

Havens East

Maria Luisa Activities


Maria Luisa and her brother came to Cambridge when she was eleven and he was nine. Have a look at the photos of them and try to imagine how they might have felt.

  • Maria Luisa talks about her little brother being sad at night. How might you make him feel better?


When you are learning about history it is good to have an eyewitness to talk to and ask questions. Listen to the extract from our recent interview with Maria Luisa. This type of interview is called ‘oral history’ and it is a real skill! Can you find an older person that you know and ask them some questions about their life or a significant event?

  • Ask open questions like “Can you walk me through your childhood home” or “What did you feel when you heard that the war had ended?” 


In November 1939, the Cambridge hostel was closed down and Maria Luisa became a nanny to a local family. Imagine that you are Maria Luisa at this point in her life.

  • Write a diary entry that reflects on your journey to England, your time in Cambridge and your hopes for the future. Include some of the people, places, and interesting details from this exhibition to help bring your work to life.

We would love to see your work. If you would like to share it, please take a photo of what you produce and send it to